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The pre compiled versions are "ready to go" and can be installed within almost no time on every basic web server

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Installation & Setup

Using FTP or something simular

1.) Download the latest version
2.) Unzip the .zip file
3.) Upload the content
4.) Start the installation by browsing to /install

Build your own version

$ git clone
$ cd postfixadm
$ composer install
$ php artisan update --init
$ cp gulp.env.example gulp.env

Open gulp.env and enter your environment name and development domain.
$ npm install
$ bower install
$ gulp && gulp watch



All PostfixADM versions

A list of all available versions and updates can be found below. Please note that these are pre compiled and ready to go.

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2017-08-08 12:23:00

Updates and patches

All available PostfixADM updates and patches

The are currently no updates or apcthes available.